Fifth Piano

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Hit the piano hard with this wide range fifth cluster instrument.

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Hit the piano hard with this wide range fifth cluster instrument.

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Fifth Piano offers great tools and opportunities!



  • Fifth Piano contains Samples that cover all audible variations of the fifth cluster
  • 3 Round Robins
  • 48kHz/24bit Sample Rate
  • Everything was recorded with a stereo microphones set deep in the body of an upright piano


  • Add intimate, sparkly, and goose-skinned transients using the transients buttonTransient-Button of Fifth Piano
  • To control the Reverb, use an automatable slider to add some epicnessReverb-Slider for Fifth Piano

What you’ll get:

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  1 Kontakt .nki file

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   Audio Samples with 3 Round Robins for further usage

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  1 lovingly written User Manual + Documentation



MB to download


contain lots of 5 ths 😛


finger to add some spice to your hits!

Fifth Piano

by Magnus Reichel

Out of stock

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English User Manual and Documentation:
DOWNLOAD Manual EN.pdf

Deutsches Benutzerhandbuch und Dokumentation:
DOWNLOAD Manual DE.pdf


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