Greetings! I’m Magnus Reichel, a passionate composer dedicated to weaving emotive soundscapes for film and theater. My journey into the world of music composition began in 2007 and has been a thrilling adventure ever since.

Musical Style

My musical style is a dynamic blend of orchestral music and popular music, where big cinematic emotions meet Ballads, Rock or Jazz. I find inspiration in nature and filmmusic, incorporating their essence into my work to create compositions that resonate with diverse audiences.


With several degrees in composition and many years in education for music, I’ve been fortunate to learn from professionals from all kinds of genres, whose guidances shaped my artistic vision. I have been studying composition for Film and Theater at Musicube in Bonn and at ArtEZ in Arnhem and also have been educated in music before. See the following alphabetically sorted list:

  • Accordion (Marlen Bayer)
  • Bachelor in “Composition for Film and Theater” at ArtEZ – University of the arts (Arnhem, Netherlands)
  • Cantor (Deanery Freudenstadt)
  • Choir Conducting (Rob Vermeulen)
  • Church Organ (Werner Zeihsel)
  • Classical Piano (Lili Heinle)
  • Classical vocal training (Heidrun Maria Hahn)
  • Diploma in “Basic Filmmusic Composer” at Musicube (Bonn, Germany)
  • Drums (Florian Hoefnagels)
  • Guitar (Eric van Dijsseldonk)
  • Jazz Piano (Philipp Rüttgers)
  • Percussion (André Groen)
  • Radio Moderator (Radio Freudenstadt)
  • Trumpet (Angelo Verploegen)


Collaboration is at the heart of my creative process. Working with directors, producers, and fellow creatives, I’ve had the pleasure of bringing musical narratives to life. Find out what my collaborators say about me on the quotes page.

Here are some of my collaborators: