Read the Speedy Story or the Cozy Story for a few more details.

Speedy Story

I was born and grew up in south Germany. In my young ages I got in contact with a lot of music (thanks to my parents) and fell in love with the accordion. In puberty my voice couldn’t decide whether I was a tenor or a bass, so I paused my singing lessons and started to practice the piano and organ instead.

I graduated from High School and did my Diploma for Filmmusic Composition in Bonn.
In 2021 I did my Bachelor’s degree for “Composition for Film & Theatre” in Arnhem, in the Netherlands.
During this time I already composed a lot of music and every project fires my passion for music.

If you want to take a listen, just use this fancy button here: Projects

Cozy Story

When little me …

… was born, music was an important part of life.
Actually it was my first love.

As I was simply a normal kid – climbing trees, sneaking for cookies in the kitchen, being unable to do anything without my older brother – I discovered interesting adventures in my younger ages thanks to my parents. I went hiking a lot with my family, participated in dancing classes, doing sports, brought climbing to the next level, got in contact with great music and for sure discovered my first beloved instrument:


I was so fascinated by the sound and the bellows, that my parents made the first step into my music career possible (I couldn’t even watch above the instrument, when I started to play). This is how the lovely piece on the right was created.

Accordeon Concerto Op. 1

(when I was 5 years old)

Music was my first love …

When I presented my own choreography to “Music” by John Miles during an Event on the market place in Freudenstadt, something really changed. Thank you, Ariane. A lucky string of doors opened. Besides becoming an actor in a theatre (that I am still writing music for), I had singing lessons. I won a few first prices in the national competition “Jugend musiziert” and other competitions.

Sadly puberty k̶i̶l̶l̶e̶d̶ evolved my voice, so I had to quit singing for a while. That’s how I first met the guy named “Piano”. He is a great friend in every situation and helps when it comes to composition. I already composed for the accordeon earlier on, but together with “Piano” I discovered something called “singer-songwriter”.

When I was invited to a competition for young composers and a professional string quartett played my piece, I was overwhelmed by the idea of music. For me giving emotions a different expression than thoughts and actions, was (and still is) one of the greatest things on earth. I loved when people liked my music for any reason, because I wanted to reach them with the same feelings that I experienced.

I wrote a lot for solo piano, then for ensembles and small orchestra. Singing got practical again and also church organ was another instrument to go, since I got lessons.

… and it will be my last

When people told me “I had images in my head when I listened to your music. Just like in a movie.”, this then was my way to go. During graduation from high school I started to study in Bonn. I got my Basic Filmmusic Diploma and now I am facing my Bachelor in Arnhem, Netherlands.

I am glad and proud to have my real love, family, friends and colleagues. I love every project I am asked for. Thanks to everyone who gives feedback and critique or just likes my music.

But this is kind of where the storybook of my life ends at the moment. You can check my projects page for my latest music if you want to know what I did in the last years of studies or non-studies.