Der Mann mit der Eisernen Maske

Der Mann mit der Eisernen Maske

In 2018 I worked at a theatre in Grötzingen near Stuttgart. “The Man with the Iron Mask” (2018) was the main production for adults in this year and it got great critiques and feedback.

I loved to work with the theatre director Rob Doornbos and all those people in the theatre, especially because they all have a great passion in what they do. I composed 17 tracks with around 1h music in total for the theatre production that was shown 14 times.

The plot was about the Musketeers in the times of Louis XIV, the king of sun.

Das Dschungelbuch

Everyone knows the story of Mogli in the Junglebook. And everyone knows the music made by Disney. But only around 20.000 got a listen into my interpretation of the story in summer 2018.

When the theatre in Grötzingen asked me to compose music for this years (2018) theatre piece, they wanted to get new original music. That’s how I got the chance to compose 10 new “Junglebook” (2018), musical-like tracks – sung and played by children actors.

It was a great experience and I have to thank every single actor for their motivation and wonderful voices.