Romeo and Juliet

In 2019 I wrote for ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in theatre. I loved composing for the scenes! Such a great experience. Around 70 Minutes of romantic and tragic music are now in my portfolio 😀

Thank you everyone in Grötzingen for your trust in me and bringing this story to stage.

  • Bühnenbild
    Kathrin Younes
  • Deutsche Vorlage
    Frank Günther
  • Kostümbild
    Petra Hoksbergen
  • Musik
    Magnus Reichel
  • Regie
    Jürgen Lingmann
  • Regie-Assistenz
    Karin Münzinger
  • Tanz-Choreographie
    Nadine Ehrenreich
  • Vorlage
    William Shakespeare

Knüppel, Pieken, Spieße

What happens when the citizens of Verona brawl on the marketplace?

Du Blume aller Frauen

Juliet is a pure lily, but a very tragic character.
She is used by the two hostile families and, despite her innocence, she is involved in one of the greatest tragedies anyone has ever written.

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