Ereprijs at ArtEZ

A great project has come to an end!

Ereprijs was at ArtEZ.
As the project director and Manager I am very proud to say that the outcome of all the weeks of planning was absolutely awesome!
Thanks to the work of so many people we had an amazing concert great sound and a full day of recording sessions with Orkest de Ereprijs. We connected composers from all over the world remotely and achieved a Corona-conform setting. Half of the sessions were hybrid setups, since we used MIDI-Strings connected and in sync with the live musicians.
The recording of the concert can be viewed on the official Facebook Page „ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Arnhem“
Thanks again to everyone involved and for their good jobs. We‘d be so honored to collaborate again with Orkest de ereprijs


ArtEZ is an educational institution in Arnhem, Netherlands. The conservatory organizes a yearly concert and invites composers from school to take part and write for the musicians. Some of the pieces contain hybrid production elements, which means that the orchestra plays to a pre-produced playback of other instruments. The goal is to achieve a realistic sound experience.